Dairy delivered
to your doorstep.

Since 1944, Island Farms has been delivering dairy products to the homes of families throughout Greater Victoria. Given today’s busy family schedules, we’re only too happy to take the farm to your home.


Areas served by home delivery:

Dave’s Home Delivery – 360-7543
North Saanich/Sidney/Central Saanich/Highlands

Dean’s Dairy At Your Door – 382-3377
Tolmie/Cedar Hill x Rd/Gordon Head/Ten Mile Pt.

Dean’s Dairy at Your Door #2 – 382-3377
Cedar Hill/High Quadra/Brentwood Bay/Broadmead

Oak Bay Dairy Delivery – 544-1875
Uplands/Oak Bay/Fernwood/North Park/Quadra

Calling All Cows Dairy Delivery – 881-1399

On The Moove Dairy Delivery – 818-2529