Don’t sugar coat it – Get the facts on sugar terms & types

When a recipe calls for powdered sugar, what do you use? Here are the different sugars that are used in recipes from Canada, the US, the UK and Australia and New Zealand.

  • Powdered sugar or confectioners’ sugar (US) is icing sugar in Canada and the United Kingdom; it contains cornstarch (about 3%) as an anti-clumping agent.
  • Superfine sugar (Canada, US) is caster sugar (UK, NZ, AU). It may also be called berry sugar (CA), fruit sugar (CA), bar sugar castor sugar, instant dissolving sugar, ultrafine sugar, fondant sugar and extra fine sugar.
  • Sanding sugar (US) is pearl sugar (CA). This is actually a size between coarse sugar and granulated sugar.
  • Unless otherwise qualified, sugar (US, CA) is granulated sugar, what most of our Canadian recipes call for.