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New to a grocery store freezer near you – three new frozen indulgences just in time for summer 2013! 

Exciting news! Now we’re offering even more to tempt your tastebuds with two new flavours of Island Farms Vanilla Plus Frozen Yogurt, plus a new Sherbet. For our Frozen Yogurt lovers, try Vanilla Plus Frozen Yogurt in new Blueberry Crunch, with swirls of blueberry ribbon and crunchy vanilla pieces. Or, pick up our new Honey Vanilla Walnut Frozen Yogurt with the smooth, sweet taste of honey flavoured frozen yogurt sprinkled with walnuts. And if Sherbet is your indulgence, enjoy the refreshing, tropical flavour of our new Mango Sherbet.


Which will be your new favourite? Look for our 3 New Flavours coupons, available at most popular grocery stores, and try one of our new frozen flavours today. All are made right, right here in BC from fresh BC milk.