Other Dairy Products

Cream Cheese - Our look has changed, but our recipe remains the same! We've proudly teamed up with Natrel a symbol of quality and a trusted Canadian brand. Enjoy the same great taste of our cream cheese that has half the fat of butter and we’re sure you’ll agree – twice the taste. It’s creamy and totally spreadable, making it the choice for topping a toasted bagel, or mixing in a delicious veggie dip.

Sour Cream - Nothing beats the smooth, creamy flavour of sour cream, now Island Farms by Natrel. New carton, same great taste. Why substitute other brands and styles when you can have the delicious taste of our sour cream, in regular, light, and fat free.

Cottage Cheese - Our cottage cheese is made the traditional way, so the curds are larger and more distinct. Whether you prefer it straight up, on fruit or as a topping on your baked potato, there’s an Island Farms by Natrel cottage cheese for you, from fat free to creamy 4%.

Butter – Island Farms butter has a new outfit - same great taste, new name! New Natrel salted butter is proudly made right here using fresh, simple ingredients including local BC cream. Our Natrel unsalted is also made with fresh cream. It's time to discover how delicious simple can taste. Note that our Natrel unsalted butter is not produced in BC. For more info, click here.