Banana Fudge Swirl
Chocolate fudge swirled in banana flavoured ice cream.

Birthday Cake
Birthday cake flavoured ice cream swirled with blue frosting ribbon and rainbow sprinkles.

Black Licorice
Black licorice flavoured ice cream.

Bordeaux Cherry
Bordeaux cherry flavoured ice cream swirled with black cherry pieces

Bubble Gum Burst
Blue bubble gum ice cream bursting with multi-coloured candies.

Butter Pecan
Butterscotch ice cream with pecan nuts.

Chai Tea Latte
Chai tea flavoured vanilla ice cream with chai tea swirl.

Creamy cheesecake flavoured ice cream.

Smooth, rich chocolate made from high quality cocoa.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Rich French Vanilla ice cream swirled with cookie dough pieces and chocolate chips.

Chocolate Chip Mint
Green mint ice cream with chocolate chips.

Chocolate Peanut Butter
Peanut butter swirled in rich dark chocolate ice cream.

Chocolate Rainbow
Neapolitan of dark, milk and white chocolate ice cream.

A tropical paradise of cool coconut ice cream.

Coconut Macaroon
Coconut ice cream with toasted coconut pieces and a chocolate swirl.

Cookies & Cream
Chunky cookies in creamy vanilla ice cream.

Cotton Candy
Pink cotton candy ice cream with blue marshmallow ribbon and candy pieces.

Espresso Flakes
Coffee and vanilla ice cream swirled with chocolate flakes.

Golden Vanilla Bean
Smooth and creamy vanilla ice cream sprinkled with vanilla bean seeds.

Green Tea
A flavour that’s steeped in tradition.

Lemon Blueberry Tart
Lemon ice cream with a luscious blueberry ribbon and crunchy graham pieces.

Maple Walnut
Maple ice cream with chopped walnuts.

Moon Mist
A trio of blue raspberry, banana and grape ice cream, Neapolitan style!

Orange Cream Swirl
Vanilla ice cream with creamsicle flavoured orange sherbet.

Pralines & Cream
Caramel ribbon and praline pecans swirled in creamy vanilla ice cream.

Rainbow Sherbet
Twist of orange, lime and raspberry sherbet.

Raspberry Cheesecake
Cheesecake ice cream with raspberry ripple.

Rocky Raspberry
A rocky mountain high of white chocolate ice cream, chocolate raspberry flakes and a raspberry swirl.

Rocky Road
Roasted pecan nuts and marshmallow ribbon in chocolate ice cream.

Rootbeer Float
Rootbeer marble swirled in vanilla ice cream.

Rum & Raisin
Rum flavoured ice cream sprinkled with raisins.

Shark Bite
Blue raspberry and shark grey vanilla ice cream with a red raspberry ribbon.

Smooth and creamy strawberry flavoured ice cream.

Strawberry & White Chocolate
Strawberry ice cream with loads of white chocolate pieces.

Supreme Mango
Smooth and creamy mango ice cream.

Tiger Tiger
Orange and licorice ice cream swirled together.

Smooth and creamy vanilla ice cream.